Why your business need SMS marketing service / BULK SMS software ?

  • To focus on your targeted customers
  • To maintain live contacts with existing customers.
  • To inform targeted/existing customers about the existing offers / new services
  • To widen the business chances
  • To increase your name recognition

Why “SMS Marketing / Bulk SMS” as powerful marketing tool For Your Organization ?

Global reach :Mobile phone penetration and SMS usage amongst mobile phone users is high and growing fast.

Low Cost : The cost of interaction using SMS is low in comparison to mail and telephone. Unlike Email and Web, SMS is priced by the number of messages sent, and not by the bandwidth usage.

Always On : Mobile phone is always on, in the pocket of the user. The user is almost always alerted to arrival of SMS at the instant of delivery. And the user can also respond instantly.

Discreet : Although SMS is always on, unlike a phone call, it allows the user the option to view the message at a later point. It is messaging sans conversation, and hence that much less intrusive, and can remain completely private.

Instant Delivery : Delivery of SMS messages is instant, making it an ideal medium for alerts and timed notifications.

Existing Infrastructure : No need to update phone device. The SMS facility is inbuilt property of any phone device.

Human Touch : The short-text nature of an SMS message makes it nearly impossible to distinguish between the feel of one generated by a human, and one auto-generated by software.

Storage : SMS messages can be saved till the time the user wishes to delete them. This feature, combined with the always-on aspect to SMS makes it possible to send content that needs to be saved and used further.

Instant Consumption : Unlike mail and email, SMS messages have a low propensity to pile up and remain unread. They will usually get read as soon as they are received.

Stable identifier : A persons mobile number is likely to be used only by that person, the only one being used by that person, and not be changed frequently.

Main Features that SPIDER SMS Software/Service is Having

  • All India GSM and CDMA coverage.
  • Send bulk sms with a Numeric/Branded sender ID.
  • Send bulk sms using web based system or HTTP API.
  • Instant delivery of messages.
  • Online message delivery report.
  • Upload the number list from a text file or an excel sheet.
  • Manage groups.
  • Schedule messages.
  • Easy to integrate and deploy.
  • Scheduled Messaging for good wishes on 'Birth day' and 'Marriage anniversary' automatically
  • Free Phone and Email support.
  • No set up costs and no hidden costs.

Concrete reasons to choose"SPIDER” as your SMS solution provider

  • Lower rates of Quality SMSs with longer validity.
  • A complete training cum guide on purchase of application by company's technical experts.
  • Dedicated Staff for Telephone / Online support.
  • An application that can be accessed from any where in the world.
  • Easy to use application with ultimate features.
  • Best service in industry.




SMS Sending through API :
http://api.smsservice.co.in/SendSMS/sendmsg.php?uname=xxxxxx&pass=xxxxxx&send=your senderId&dest=9727733703&msg=Your SMS content Here


Balance Check API :


Report Download from (SMPP service must be assigned by ADMIN) :

XML API for multiple sms sending :
http://ui.smsservice.co.in/servxml/XML_parse_API.php?action=send& data=
<USER USERNAME="care" PASSWORD="c123" DLR="0"/>
<SMS TEXT="This is first sms" ID="1">
<ADDRESS FROM="MBSOFT" TO="919909903667" SEQ="1"/>
<ADDRESS FROM=" MBSOFT " TO="919909903667" SEQ="2"/>
<SMS TEXT="This is second sms" ID="2">
<ADDRESS FROM=" MBSOFT " TO="919909903667" SEQ="1"/>
<ADDRESS FROM=" MBSOFT " TO="919909903667" SEQ="2"/>

Mobile No




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